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What we do

The xBlock AI assistant unlocks the hidden value in the data that restaurants and hotels already have today. We integrate technology stacks, internal documents, and transcripts of verbal conversations into one unified, voice-activated system.

-For general managers, accessing essential financial reports, delegating tasks automatically, and receiving daily summaries is just one voice command away.

-For employees, a simple voice command can generate instant answers to pressing questions, and easy access to self-paced training.

In an industry with an ever changing workforce that needs ongoing training—xBlock eliminates the need to dig through papers and dashboards or play the game of telephone. Instead, we empower employees with real-time access to a single source of truth.

Why choose us

Key Features

Centralized Data Hub

All-in-one access to manage hospitality data efficiently.

Conversational AI

Natural, instant interactions for guests and staff.

Predictive Insights

Data-driven decisions for operational excellence.

How it works

Step 1

Connect the Blocks

In your Admin Hub, effortlessly connect all your third-party software, known as 'blocks,' to create a central hub for consolidating all your business data. It's a seamless plug-and-play solution, requiring no coding expertise.

How it works

Step 2

Set Access Levels

Effortlessly set data access levels for managers, staff, and customers to ask questions. Define trusted training conversations between AI and staff, and empower AI to seek information from the right individuals. All done with simple, user-friendly options.

How it works

Step 3

Connect X flow

Easily link related blocks and define workflow connections in your operations with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

How it work

Step 4

Ask Questions

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